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Which Specialty Contact Lens Is Best for You?

The American Optometric Association states that people with specific eye conditions can wear specialty contact lenses instead of eyeglasses.

7 Qualities to Look for When Choosing an Eye Doctor

The eyes play a vital role in our lives, making it essential to maintain our eye health. Unfortunately, most people do not take their eyes seriously and only go to an eye doctor when they experience eye problems. With the proliferation of digital gadgets, people are becoming victims of eye conditions regardless of age. Some eye conditions do not display symptoms at the onset, only becoming noticeable when they have advanced. 

How Vision Therapy Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Vision disability ranks among the top ten disabilities for adults in the United States. Do you ever think about how much better your life would get if your eyesight were better? Besides preventing minor annoyances, better vision can allow you to do much more. If your vision is not perfect, do not assume that is how it will be for the rest of your life. Think of the possibility that your eyesight can be perfect again.

How Eye Exams Can Help Your Child in School

One way to know if your child has vision issues is through school vision screenings. But to cover all bases and ensure that your child's eyes have no health issues, an eye exam is crucial. It is imperative if you need assurance that your child's eyes are ready to manage schoolwork and assignments.

How to Know If Your Child Has Vision Problems

Up to 80 percent of your children’s academic, social, and extracurricular performance depends on their vision. Children between the ages of two to five fine-tune their current visual abilities while evolving new ones. As a parent, you need to be keen on the existence of vision issues in your children.

5 Ways Vision Therapy Can Help Your Child

Vision therapy can change the life of your child forever. A child who grows up struggling to write and read has a challenging life. Vision therapy is a non-invasive way to build their vision system and make them excel in all aspects of life.

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