LASIK Surgery

LASIK Surgery at Southwest Orlando Eye Care - Proven Results for Better Sight

What Happens in LASIK Surgery?

An eye surgeon will perform the procedure for LASIK surgery. A small flap is cut in the cornea, and the surgeon sculpts the corneal tissue underneath the flap with a laser tool so that the eye can focus more clearly on whatever you look at. The result is a reshaped cornea that changes how you see; for example, if you were farsighted before the surgery (meaning your corneas were too flat), the laser sculpting would create a slightly less flat cornea to help reduce the farsightedness.

Determine if You are a Good Candidate

Many people are great candidates for LASIK. The surgeon needs to be sure you don't have underlying health conditions that could make the surgery or recovery difficult, and your chances of developing dry eye also need evaluation. The last thing you want after undergoing eye surgery is to have a gritty, irritated feeling in your eyes that makes you rub them.

LASIK can help very common conditions including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. That covers quite a large percentage of people who use glasses or contacts.

Post-Surgery Care at Our Southwest Orlando Eye Care

Once the surgery is over, your recovery will likely be faster than you thought it would be. You'll have to be careful about touching your eyes and doing anything strenuous for several days to a couple of weeks. Your optometrist or eye surgeon at Southwest Orlando Eye Care in Orlando, FL will help guide you through your recovery, too. You'll go back for another exam the day after the LASIK procedure; at this point, the doctor will check your vision to see whether you still need a prescription. You may have additional exams over the next few weeks, depending on how quickly your eyes improve and whether the doctor spots any complications.

Contact Southwest Orlando Eye Care and Start Your Journey to Better Vision

If you're ready to give up your glasses and are interested in LASIK, contact Southwest Orlando Eye Care at (407) 271-8931, located at 7208 Sand Lake Road, Ste. 202 Orlando, FL 32819​​​​​​​. LASIK is simpler than most people realize and can improve your sight in very little time.

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