Hard to Fit Contacts

Southwest Orlando Eye Care Discusses Hard To Fit Contact Lenses in Orlando, FL

​​​​​​​Southwest Orlando Eye Care wants to help you see clearly again. However, you may have hoped you could wear contacts but were told you cannot. If so, we can give you a second opinion and see if you qualify for hard to fit contacts.

Hard to Fit Contacts

Any change in the cornea shape or condition results in 'hard to fit' eyes. Common causes include as follows:

  • Dry eyes – Red, irritated or itchy eyes can make wearing contacts difficult. Ironically, this condition also can produce watery eyes, but it's not the kind of tears that offers contact lubrication.

  • Astigmatism – The way the retina fails to process light for clear focus, a condition is known as a refractive error, can make it hard to wear contacts.

  • Keratoconus – Before astigmatism or nearsightedness occurs, this progression of corneal thinning and bulging results in distorted vision.

  • Giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC) – Some forms of bacterial eye infections including this type cause eye surface scarring. This condition sometimes passes from a mother to a child during birth.

  • Post-refractive surgery – Your eye doctor in Orlando typically assesses whether you are a good candidate for surgery. However, LASIK or other treatment before coming to us that may have affected your cornea shape.

  • Presbyopia – This inability to focus on near objects or small print often comes with age. Blurry near vision can even occur when wearing glasses or contacts.

How your Orlando Optometrist can Fit you for Contact Lenses

Your Orlando optometrist can use a machine that will make precise cornea measurements. Then, we will choose your lenses. The GP lenses limits protein accumulation contains corneal bulging and relieves eye pressure. Toric lenses align with a cornea bulge if GP lenses will not help, and the focal lenses correct both nearsightedness or farsightedness.

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Don't give up on wearing contacts until you speak with a Southwest Orlando Eye Care optometrist. Please call us at (407) 271-8931 or stop in our Orlando, FL office to make an appointment.

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