Glaucoma Management

An Overview of Glaucoma Management from Southwest Orlando Eye Care

At Southwest Orlando Eye Care, we take great pride in the service that we provide to the local Orlando area. There are a handful of conditions that we see on a regular basis. One of the most common issues for which someone might seek an optometrist in Orlando is called glaucoma. This is a serious condition that needs to be treated as quickly as possible. There are a few points that people should know about glaucoma including how it is managed.

Glaucoma Management

What Is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a serious eye condition that develops when the pressure behind the eyes begins to climb. There is pressure that holds the structure of the eye in place; however, when this pressure becomes too great, it can lead to serious consequences for the nerves and blood vessels that supply the eyes. The biggest reason why this pressure starts to climb is that there is an obstruction regarding the outflow tract of the eyes. This causes liquid to build up behind the eyes, leading to an increase in pressure.

How Is Glaucoma Treated?

If someone presents to Southwest Orlando Eye Care with signs and symptoms of glaucoma, we are going to check the ocular pressures immediately. We use a small pen-like structure to do this. This is a painless check. If the pressure is too high, we will do everything we can to lower the pressure. We can try a combination of oral and ocular medications (such as eye drops) to lower the pressure. In addition, we can use physical maneuvers to lower the pressure behind the eyes as well. If this does not work, there are surgical options that can be used to lower the pressure. Our goal is to normalize the pressure quickly and safely behind the eyes to preserve someone's vision as a focus of our treatment.

At Southwest Orlando Eye Care, this is only one of the numerous conditions that we treat on a regular basis. We are here to provide comprehensive eye care services to our patients.

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At Southwest Orlando Eye Care, we are here to serve the local area by making sure that everyone has access to an eye doctor in Orlando. We work hard to see patients as quickly as possible while still providing the same quality of care that everyone deserves. We can treat several acute conditions; however, we encourage everyone to see us on a regular basis to ensure that they have their preventative eye needs to be handled as well. If you are looking for an eye doctor in the local area, please give us a call today! We look forward to meeting you!

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