Conjunctivitis Treatment

Conjunctivitis Treatment with our Orlando Optometrists

Having conjunctivitis or pink eye can cause considerable discomfort that affects your daily routine. This eye condition can also be contagious, which can put other family members at risk. At Southwest Orlando Eye Care, we offer conjunctivitis treatment in Orlando so you can start feeling better soon.

conjunctivitis treatment

Causes of Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis is an infection that occurs when viruses or bacteria enter the conjunctiva, which is the membrane on the white part of your eye and your eyelid. You can get this infection by touching your eyes after coming into contact with contaminated surfaces or being around others who have this condition. Another possible cause of pink eye is exposed to certain allergens, although viral and bacterial cases are much more common.

Symptoms of Conjunctivitis

When you have conjunctivitis, common symptoms include redness in the affected eye or in both eyes. Your eyes might also feel itchy and have discharge that hardens while you sleep. Pink eye might also cause you to feel as though you have dirt or sand in your eye, or you might have excessive tearing. If you notice any symptoms of conjunctivitis, you should see our optometrist for treatment as soon as you can. Pink eye can remain contagious for up to two weeks after your symptoms start, so it is important to have it diagnosed early.

Treatment for Pink Eye

If you have conjunctivitis, treatment for it usually involves easing the symptoms it causes. Typical treatment for pink eye in Orlando includes putting warm compresses on your eyes, wiping your eyelids with a damp cloth to remove discharge and using artificial tears. If you normally wear contact lenses, our eye doctor will recommend keeping them out until conjunctivitis is gone. After that, you should disinfect your lenses if they are hard ones or toss them out and wear new ones if they are disposable.

If you have conjunctivitis caused by a bacterial infection, our optometrist will prescribe antibiotic eye drops. Eye drops to clear up bacterial infections help relieve symptoms of pink eye while your eyes heal.

Preventing Conjunctivitis

You can lower your risk of getting conjunctivitis by washing your hands frequently and not touching your eyes, especially if a family member has this condition. You should also avoid sharing eye cosmetics, towels and washcloths.

Contact Our Optometrist in Orlando

If you have conjunctivitis and need treatment, please contact Southwest Orlando Eye Care for an appointment. Our trusted optometrists in Orlando can provide you with the care you need, so your eyes heal properly. Our optometrists, Dr. Ben Konynenbelt and Dr. John Nowell, offer a wide variety of other eye care services including eye and vision exams, contact lens exams, and pre and post-operative LASIK eye surgery care. Call (407) 271-8931 today to schedule your appointment.

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